Baby Shower, Marshmallow Pops

Photo and instructions from

Photo and instructions from

Make your own sweet treats for a baby shower celebration!

What you will need:

  • Pink (or Blue) and white marshmallows
  • Royal icing
  • Pink (or Blue) food coloring
  • Pink (or Blue) polka dot straw
  • Wilton Sugar Pearl beads
  • Pink (or Blue) ribbon

Get some pink (or blue) and white marshmallows, dip them in pink (or blue) royal icing, plug onto a pink (or blue) polka dot straw, swirl in a plate of white edible beads to add a bit of glamor and charm. Then we are done. To give out as a baby shower gift…wrap these beautiful marshmallow pops up and tie with a pink (or blue) ribbon. How cute! –