Working Away…

I’ve been so busy at work and will probably start posting only twice a day 😦  However, since I didn’t post one this morning, I’ll be posting a new card design tonight!  So far, I’ve tried to keep it in a pattern of 1 design, 1 tip/trick, and 1 freebie that all fit within a theme, we’ll see if I can keep that up.

I’ve also noticed that I should probably stick with subjects that are popular right now (are you surprised that Fall and Orange make the top of the list?)  so you might see more fall/Halloween related posts from me soon!


Setting up Shop

Happy Halloween - Ghosts

I’ve started this blog/shop mainly as a way to relieve stress but I’ve found that crafting is actually something I also really enjoy!

This is my first actual design, just in time for Halloween!

Buy Now

*If you get an error page through the Buy Now link, we may be sold out!