Blue Sky (body scrub)

Inspired by the T.V. Show "Breaking Bad"

Inspired by the T.V. Show “Breaking Bad”

While you’re bathing in your own tears and wondering how life will continue without your favorite cook, you can scrub your sadness away with Blue Sky (body scrub). 8oz for $5 (shipped in a container, not a bag, sorry!). NOTE: This is not Meth (obviously) it’s body scrub, it is also not for human consumption  Not tested on animals.

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Digital Scrapbooking: Baby Pennant on Stripes Freebie


Since I went to the State Fair last night, I didn’t have time to prepare a new card.  So instead (in going with the current Baby theme) I’ve created a pennant banner on a 12×12, 300dpi, gray/white striped digital paper in two flavors ( Blue Baby Boy and Pink Baby Girl).  I will, at some point upload a .gif version of both pennant banners featuring a transparent background for use on your own papers but since it’s past my usual bedtime on work days that will come on another day 🙂

Download “Baby Girl Pennant on Stripes”.

Download “Baby Boy Pennant on Stripes”.