Digital Scrapbooking: Jack-o-Lantern Paper Freebie

So at night, when I have to get my actual crafting supplies cleaned up, I turn to the digital world.  It is so nice to be able to continue my creativity in a less messy space.  The product of tonight’s “down time” is this 12×12 digital scrapbooking paper (300 dpi, .png format).  Again, since I seem to be on a roll for Halloween, this pattern features a few of the many faces seen on a carved pumpkin.  This freebie is for personal use only 🙂

Jack-O-Lantern Pattern

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Face shapes provided by (flashtuchka @ deviantart)



Halloween – Spider

Halloween - Spider

My second Halloween themed card, a partying spider!  Although I am generally terrified of spiders, I find this one to be pretty cute and it is my favorite card so far.

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