Working Away…

I’ve been so busy at work and will probably start posting only twice a day 😦  However, since I didn’t post one this morning, I’ll be posting a new card design tonight!  So far, I’ve tried to keep it in a pattern of 1 design, 1 tip/trick, and 1 freebie that all fit within a theme, we’ll see if I can keep that up.

I’ve also noticed that I should probably stick with subjects that are popular right now (are you surprised that Fall and Orange make the top of the list?)  so you might see more fall/Halloween related posts from me soon!


Digital Scrapbooking: Baby Pennant on Stripes Freebie


Since I went to the State Fair last night, I didn’t have time to prepare a new card.  So instead (in going with the current Baby theme) I’ve created a pennant banner on a 12×12, 300dpi, gray/white striped digital paper in two flavors ( Blue Baby Boy and Pink Baby Girl).  I will, at some point upload a .gif version of both pennant banners featuring a transparent background for use on your own papers but since it’s past my usual bedtime on work days that will come on another day 🙂

Download “Baby Girl Pennant on Stripes”.

Download “Baby Boy Pennant on Stripes”.

Baby Shower, Marshmallow Pops

Photo and instructions from

Photo and instructions from

Make your own sweet treats for a baby shower celebration!

What you will need:

  • Pink (or Blue) and white marshmallows
  • Royal icing
  • Pink (or Blue) food coloring
  • Pink (or Blue) polka dot straw
  • Wilton Sugar Pearl beads
  • Pink (or Blue) ribbon

Get some pink (or blue) and white marshmallows, dip them in pink (or blue) royal icing, plug onto a pink (or blue) polka dot straw, swirl in a plate of white edible beads to add a bit of glamor and charm. Then we are done. To give out as a baby shower gift…wrap these beautiful marshmallow pops up and tie with a pink (or blue) ribbon. How cute! –

Digital Scrapbooking: Jack-o-Lantern Paper Freebie

So at night, when I have to get my actual crafting supplies cleaned up, I turn to the digital world.  It is so nice to be able to continue my creativity in a less messy space.  The product of tonight’s “down time” is this 12×12 digital scrapbooking paper (300 dpi, .png format).  Again, since I seem to be on a roll for Halloween, this pattern features a few of the many faces seen on a carved pumpkin.  This freebie is for personal use only 🙂

Jack-O-Lantern Pattern

Click to download
Face shapes provided by (flashtuchka @ deviantart)