Blue Sky (body scrub)

Inspired by the T.V. Show "Breaking Bad"

Inspired by the T.V. Show “Breaking Bad”

While you’re bathing in your own tears and wondering how life will continue without your favorite cook, you can scrub your sadness away with Blue Sky (body scrub). 8oz for $5 (shipped in a container, not a bag, sorry!). NOTE: This is not Meth (obviously) it’s body scrub, it is also not for human consumption  Not tested on animals.

To order, e-mail


Halloween Treat Box


I’ve been neglecting to update for a few days, crazy stuff going on at work 🙂  But since it rained ALL day, I made a Halloween Treat Box.

Christmas Tree Brownie Bits


Picture from Erica’s Sweet Tooth

We can thank Erica’s Sweet Tooth for today’s post!  Would you ever guess that these Chocolate Brownie Bits are topped with Strawberries (covered in frosting to make them look like Christmas Trees)?  To make these delicious trees, you will need:

  • Your favorite brownie recipe, halved
  • Batch of pipeable frosting
  • 24 small-medium strawberries
  • Yellow fondant or star-shaped sprinkles
  • Small ball shaped candy decorations
  • Disco dust (if you have it)

For full instructions, click here or the image above 🙂

Halloween Reminds me of Christmas


Whenever I think of Halloween, I think of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Every year I ask myself, is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?  I’ve decided that it is both.  After my string of Halloween posts I figure why not start my Christmas theme (I know, I’m totally skipping Thanksgiving, but I’ll come back to it!).

What themes do you want to see next?

Birthday, Balloon Banner

Birthday Balloon Banner

Content from, Photo by: Yasu and Junko; Styling: Blake Ramsey

To make this awesome Happy Birthday Balloon Banner, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Clear 12-inch latex balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Stick-on letters
  • Tissue confetti (You can buy it in a standard palette, or learn how to make your own confetti.)
  • Tissue fringe garland
  • Twine

Follow this link to visit for complete instructions!